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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Summer Healing" - STVN & Palm City

STVN and Palm City have teamed up to create the ultimate summertime single. “Summer Healing” tells the story of a love full of warmth and comfort. It is about the one person that makes everything else melt away. They are the shining light in your life that can make you smile even when things are rough. The lyrics paint the picture of a healthy relationship where the love is as evident as the summer sun. In the chorus, they sing “Honey in my tea// You’re so sweet// I know you’ve got the remedy// Ice cream, hot sand// What I need// You’ve got that summer healing”. Summer is associated with sunshine, vacations, and relaxation. These lyrics embody the things people are most excited for during the season. The summertime imagery represents the beautiful relationship that cannot help but shine through the darkness. “Summer Healing” is an incredibly joyful song that spreads this happiness to its listeners.

STVN and Palm City are the collaboration you never knew you always wanted. Their sounds combined into one song make for the most upbeat, happy summer single. “Summer Healing” has all the right amounts of STVN’s electronic-pop beats and Palm City’s beachy, summertime productions. From the moment the song begins, the listener knows that they are listening to a hit. This is the type of song to play at a summer barbeque that gets people pumped to play beach volleyball. The song has the power to light up the atmosphere and make people let go of their stress. STVN and Palm City’s unique talents perfectly mesh together to make for an incredibly energetic single.

STVN is a Philadelphia-based music producer, songwriter, and artist. He creates electronic-pop music that blends sweet melodies and romantic lyrics. His first single debuted in 2019 and he has released several hits since. He has nearly 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Palm City is made up of three talented songwriters, Geoff Duncan, Philip Payne, and Nathan Horst. They aim to make “music for beach bums”. Their music is uplifting and refreshing while simultaneously making you feel relaxed. Their first single debuted in 2020 and continue to release beach bum anthems.

Written By Karlee Smith




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