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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Summer Memories" - Bree Rusev

Summer Memories is an infectious indie-pop summertime anthem filled with warm imagery and relatable feelings of young love. Bree Rusev serenades listeners with a catchy, charismatic, and fun love song that is sure to pull at the heartstrings of anyone affected by a summer fling that ended too soon. The audience is taken to a sunny and carefree landscape through the tune’s chorus, with Bree painting a vivid picture lyrically by singing “long hair in the breeze, underneath the old palm trees, soft skin in the wind, summers here and here we go again” building to an epizeuxis of “summer memories” that you just can’t help but chant along to. The blinding euphoria of young love is paralleled with a sobering realization that it all must come to an end at the conclusion of summer; a concept Rusev pleadingly fights back against with the line “Don’t go, I need to tell you something, before all I see is nothin’, before the light turns to gray”. All in all, this song does a masterful job of conveying the unique sensation of being romantically infatuated with a partner and the desire for your time together to never end – lest you only be left with Summer Memories.

Sonically, Summer Melodies is structured on two key elements: a clean acoustic guitar/kick drum combo and Rusev’s harmonic, siren-like voice. This simple and clean recipe is accentuated by the inclusion of both a hypnotic background electric guitar and the intermittent soundings of hand claps. There is an addition of vocal doubling that gives the track an added sense of warmth, as if the listener is being regaled by the harmony of a chorus, serving to further fill out the song. Bree’s sugary voice pairs well with the sweet strumming of her acoustic guitar, complimented additionally by the on-beat hand claps heard throughout, to create a captivating nocturne that is sure to resonate with pop lovers the world over.

Bree Rusov is a guitar-playing singer-songwriter from Newcastle, Australia known for her ability to tell stories through finger-picked acoustic melodies. She has shared stages with the likes of Jack Botts, John Butler, Jordy Maxwell, Garrett Kato, Pete Murray, and Pierce Brothers. In 2020, Bree entered her debut release Coastline in Triple J’s Unearthed High, catching the attention of the Triple J team and garnering her significant airplay on Triple J radio. She continued to evolve as an artist, with her 2022 single Goodbye earning her first place in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC), the world’s largest songwriting competition. Her song Drift, notably praised for bringing awareness to mental health, received honorable mention in the Nashville Unsigned-Only Music Competition. Bree has found inspiration in artists like Ben Howard and Bon Iver, lending credence to her alternative folk-pop-indie sound. This young Aussie talent is sure to continue putting out the type of alluringly intoxicating music her fans know and love, further cementing herself as someone to keep your eye on within the pop realm.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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