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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "Summer Soul" - NAYTiiVE

Oh man... Friday just got a WHOLE lot freakier!

“But Thomas...” you’re asking–“isn’t Friday already freaky enough?”

Well, that’s not something in my control, so you’re gonna’ have to ask the man in charge? “But Thomas...” you’re asking–“who’s in charge?”

Well, my friend, that is a fantastic question... and the answer is:


Yes, aside from the unique spelling and capitals craze, this louder-than-life, London newcomer blends infectious funk, sun, and feel on the burning new bop, “Summer Soul!” Fresh, fiery–this blistering single gives some grit to the genteel ‘pop’ landscape, injecting a surge of much needed energy into an otherwise ‘rinse n’ repeat’ environment!

Eclipsing the three minute mark, NAYTiiVE packs an incredible amount of action into a fairly condensed frame of time; skilfully achieving contour through dynamics, soaring arrangements, and beyond–this phenomenal young talent pens a compelling composition! Paying homage to icons like Prince, Bruno Mars, vintage Maroon Five–“Summer Soul” is alive and vibrant, the perfect anthem for a time of long days and short nights. The tune at hand shows NAYTiiVE to be a talent of impressive depth, featuring country-tinged rap, explosive horns, and even the frantic closing outburst you’d witness from a band like the Red Hot Chili Peppers! For all the fire and fun–gentle harmonies, tasteful space, and a regular rhythm help the tune achieve a sense of radio ease. For all the traditional flavors dominating the pallet of the popular music, NAYTiiVE is a bold, unique flavor, bursting with nostalgia, class, and commitment!

Drawing on icons from America, Brazil, and beyond, North London artist NAYTiiVE, leans into the American Motown spirit, spotlighting performance as much–or even more–than product! With a soulful sound that croons (and cracks) with the same calloused tenor, NAYTiiVE is a name that few will find easy to forget! Fearless, funky, and beyond driven, “Summer Soul” is sure to leave a mark on an often monochromatic scene!

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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