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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Sun God Ra” - Ṭaüs

Credit: @taus_jafar on Instagram

Often, songwriters will choose to convey their thoughts and feelings within their music. This is especially true for Ṭaüs, a transdisciplinary musical artist known for his wide repertoire of songs that are raw in emotion, yet bold in its style. His latest song, “Sun God Ra”, is the perfect example of how someone can create art from their life experiences. The song, according to Ṭaüs, is a representation of his experiences with gender dysphoria and discovering where his religious beliefs lay. As per the title of the song, there are multiple mentions of the ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra. The lyric, “Sun God Ra, don’t you cover me up,” is repeated multiple times over the course of the song, a reference to Ṭaüs’ life as a trans-Arab person. It is a stunning, yet dysphoric way of portraying his experiences to his listeners.

There is something so haunting about this song, and I’m absolutely obsessed. It opens with soft “ohs” echoing in the background, sounding almost phantom-like. Ṭaüs uses his chest voice a lot throughout the course of the song, and it works very well with the instrumentals. Even as he’s singing, you can hear those “ohs” right up until the end. Ṭaüs has an incredibly unique voice, and I feel like this song only helped to further show off how far he’s able to push himself both vocally and creatively. You can really understand the emotion that went into creating this song, and that is mainly thanks to Ṭaüs’ genius lyrics and tone. One thing that I seriously love about this song is how he managed to harmonize with himself several different times. Especially during the chorus, you begin to hear his voice in varying octaves, providing a clean harmony that left me with goosebumps.

Ṭaüs has been releasing music since 2021. In that time, he has released multiple singles and two completed LPs. His first LP, Arranged Marriage, released this year. Not long after, Ṭaüs released his second LP, The Single Years. “Sun God Ra” was the first single off this album, and was been featured in HBO Max’s The Sex Life of College Girls. His other songs have also been featured in the HBO Max shows Search Party and Freeridge. As stated prior, Ṭaüs is a trans-Arab person, and this was one of his biggest inspirations for creating this song. Conveying his emotions and experiences through music, Ṭaüs was able to connect with his audience in a uniquely special way. It’s easy to predict that he is going to go far with his musical career and continue to release music that is not only vulnerable, but new and exciting.

Written By Isabel Mays



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