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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Sunboy" - Chris Noah

Chris Noah sings a thank you to his personal relationships in his latest single, “Sunboy”. During the pandemic, he entered a depressive season and made a few bad decisions. Noah turned these bad decisions into the inspiration for his song. “Sunboy” is thanking those who stood by his side despite the harmful choices he made. In the chorus, he sings “Yesterday got me thinking// The worst of me keeps repeating// But all is not lost if I’m your Sunboy.” Noah recognizes his self-destructive behaviors that impacted his relationships. However, he knows that everything will be alright because those who love him have not given up on him. The support from loved ones is what everyone needs when experiencing difficult times.

Since the recent release of Stranger Things 4, 80s pop music is all anyone can talk about. This season of the hit Netflix show featured Kate Bush’s 1985 single, “Running Up That Hill”, causing the decades old song to reach #1 on the charts. Noah took inspiration from this era of pop music with his synth beats and catchy lyrics. Releasing an 80s inspired pop song during this phenomenon is genius, as it catches the attention of critics and fans alike. The idea for “Sunboy” came from a very dark place, but the lyrics and beat are lighthearted. This is a major theme in 80s pop, and Noah nails it. He feels free, knowing that his loved ones stuck by him in these difficult times. He knows he has made mistakes and have hurt those around him. But now the darkness has faded and the sun is shining again.

Chris Noah is a Latvia based artist. He combines indie rock and catchy pop music to make captivating songs. Noah is highly popular in his home region, proving himself as a promising artist. His debut EP, “What About Tomorrow?” was nominated for best debut at the Latvian Music Awards. His second EP, “Distance”, was released in March 2020. The deluxe version was then released in November 2020, adding 3 more songs. During the pandemic, Noah signed a record deal with Sony Music Finland. He has continued to make new music and is set to release more in 2022.

Written By Karlee Smith



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