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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Survivor's Guilt" - Haley Blais

“Survivor’s Guilt” is a timeless, breezy hit about how we deal with our feelings of guilt following losing something important to us. The original meaning of this single stems from the loss of Blais’s family dog, but the message goes much deep in the end. As we grow older, we find that we will inevitably lose that which is important to us. The challenge comes not from the loss itself, but from the guilt and blame we put on ourselves. You can’t help responsible for the outcome in some way, no matter it be the end of a life, relationship or something more. This song serves as a gentle reminder to not be so hard on yourself, and realize that you are not the one at fault for the circumstance you are in.

Blais says that originally, this single started off as a sad piano ballad, very much matching the mood of the subject matter. However, in the end, “Survivor’s Guilt” turned into a more summery and upbeat tune that contrasts the lyrics. This difference may seem odd or out of place, however it makes the song have a positive outlook and meaning, which is what the end goal of this song is. Its purpose is to be relatable to listeners while also encouraging them to be kinder to themselves, this positive energy is really needed in order to do this. The song still carries a weight of importance to it, however the relaxed guitar and vocals makes this track a great indie-pop hit.

Haley Blais is a Vancouver-based artist that has been in the spotlight for many years. Starting back in 2014, Blais grew an impressive following on her YouTube page which led her then to release her debut LP, “Below the Salt”. With her vlogs and songs combined, Blais has grown a following of over 175K on YouTube and reached 195K monthly Spotify listeners. Haley releases music that is vulnerable and raw, always containing lines of confession about serious topics in her life. These truthful lyrics and meanings are what keeps the fans coming back for more. Haley Blais is a name you’ll want to remember in the upcoming months, she’s sure to reach new heights within her artistry!

Written By Emily Hancock



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