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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Swear Down" - MACY

“Swear Down” is a retro and bubbly jam about having fun with anyone and everyone. MACY’s vibrant vocals add a pop to the bouncy production, instantly catching the ear of whoever is listening. The giggly infatuation, easy chorus, and funky tune implore nostalgia for those who haven’t even experienced the 80s. Pleading for her current lover not to freak out from the strength of her feelings, MACY offers to take the step and lead you to a night that you won’t easily forget. MACY perfectly captures that giddy bubbling feeling you get when it’s time to hang out with your current crush, the exploding anticipation that only boils over when you’re in their presence.

Besides the traditional disco elements, MACY embeds swooping synths, 8-bit bleeps, sparkles, and so much more to keep up interest. The track is a great showing of MACY’s personality, and you can clearly tell the fun she had conceiving and playing around with this concept. Her jovial tone and infectious laughs make it hard to click this song off of repeat, a fresh listen each time around. I’ve always found something new I didn’t notice after listening to this track, again, again, and again.

MACY, a singer-songwriter hailing from Abertillery, UK, entered ‘The Open Mic UK’ competition in 2011, kickstarting her career after one of the judges invited her to London to write. Gaining traction within each of her new releases, MACY hasn’t missed, and she won’t start now either. Currently working on a collaboration with Ollie Marland, MACY’s much-anticipated release is scheduled for February 2023, and “Swear Down” seems to be only one of the numerous outstanding tracks they have been refining.

Written By Megan Cao


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