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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Take a Chance" - MikAel

On the surface, Take a Chance, might seem like yet another pop ballad harping on lost love and emotional distress; but in reality, it is so much deeper than that. MiKael bravely explores the difficult topic of anxiety on his latest track – but through a synth-pop lens – explaining how it "tells the story of someone trying to make peace with their anxiety, accepting it as a part of themselves and learning to love themselves, despite it." The addictive line "Can you take a chance on me, take a chance on me" finds a way to burrow into the listener's brain and attach itself there for the rest of the day, leaving you chanting the lyrics over and over again in your head thanks to their addictive sentiment. The tune is self-described as "a typical euro-pop track with influences from dance and electronic music", simply put by the artist "it's about love". Take a Chance is a fun and catchy ditty that deserves a listen from any and all fans of quality modern-day synth-pop music.

The production of Take a Chance eloquently blends elements of dance-pop, trap, and various genres of EDM to create a uniquely refreshing sound for the pop sphere. The track opens promptly with MiKael's vocals, backed by a flurry of lively plucks and snappy trap claps. The instrumentation builds nicely throughout the pre-chorus, reminiscent of progressive house or Trap EDM, before ducking down and leaving MiKael's falsetto vocal front and center. Following this tight break is the track's first hook, which really makes the listener want to move with its infectious beat. The chorus is a cacophony of pumping drums, rolling trap hi-hats, percussive plucks, and driving bass. There is a short bridge between the second and third chorus that takes the audience to a dreamier plane – a stark contrast from the song's much less subtle hooks earlier on. The ambient piano and synth combination, along with the very distant drums and familiar rolling hi-hats, is cut short by two snappy claps that bring Take a Chance into its final hook. Throughout most of the arrangement, there are percussive synth plucks that sound similar to mimicked steel drums commonly heard in tropical house or dancehall. This incredible fusion of island pop, electronic dance, and hip-hop is sparsely heard on the pop charts these days – boldly placing this tune into a category all its own. This musical formula has helped bring artists like Rihanna and Sean Kingston to fame in years past, and is undeniably present in many of the hits put out by producers like Timbaland and Dr. Luke. Take a Chance is a dynamically energetic hybrid of some of the most fun subgenres of music, making it sure to be an instant classic for MiKael.

80's baby, MikAel, is an ascending singer-songwriter, producer, and actor based in Prague. After breaking onto the scene in 2019 following the release of his debut album, Easy, MikAel has gone on to pump out a bevy of euphoric pop singles that have taken Eastern Europe by storm. His enigmatically infectious sound shows heavy influences of synth pop and electronic music, creating the ultimate dance vibe for listeners. In 2020 he released his biggest single to date, Alone Together, which is closing in on 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears fixed on MikAel over the course of 2024 in anticipation of more uber-enticing electro pop hits coming from this Czech talent.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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