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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Take Notice" - Baby Pink

Some interactions have overflowing chemistry. Baby Pink’s new single, “Take Notice” is an alluring hip-hop and pop tune, featuring romantic tension and rising energy. The song transports audiences to a dance floor, where they can visualize a blooming relationship. Together the captivating lyricism and groovy beat create an infectious listening experience, evoking endless hip swaying and head-bopping. For instance, the lines “And we keep dancing round these funny games we play” and “You’re still frontin’ like I’m not up in your sights” illustrate a playful connection between a pair with undeniable heat. “Take Notice” is the perfect song to blast at a club or party to draw people to the dance floor and get them moving. Baby Pink’s hypnotic vocals, along with the songs energetic instrumentation make “Take Notice” an immediate hit.

“Take Notice” opens with vibrant percussion and vivacious synth noise. Baby Pink’s alluring and crisp vocals add to the song’s mesmerizing nature. The single’s upbeat chorus features her wide vocal range, hitting beautiful high-pitched notes. The utilization of intricate vocal layering showcases enchanting harmonies and interesting notes scattered underneath the main track. Baby Pink’s subtle rasp and soulful voice separate her from other pop and hip-hop artists of the moment. The single’s flirtatious lyrics, charismatic beat and honest lyricism make it an iconic bop. Luckily for fans, “Take Notice” is only the second single off Baby Pink’s upcoming EP, “Crocodile”.

Based in East London, Baby Pink is an alternative R&B singer-songwriter with Hip Hop influence. Her 2018 debut single, “Timing” is an enchanting tune, featuring her angelic vocals and ability to hit ethereal, soprano notes. Since then, her discography has grown exponentially, with hits like “Heartless”, “Milk and Sugar”, “Unbothered” and “Reckless” which has amassed over 37k streams on Spotify alone. Baby Pink partnered with Hurricane, a talented music composer from Luton Town, to create their 2021 single “Peace of Mind”. Likewise, she collaborated with Kieran, a London-based artist, to create their 2023 single, “Crocodile” which is a vibey R&B tune featuring hypnotizing vocal runs from both singers. In fact, both Baby Pink and Kieran are featured in the “Crocodile” official music video which premiered on January 31st, 2023. The video showcases film style videography, beautiful colorization and stunning natural light which makes for an aesthetically pleasing and vintage-like viewing experience. Her eclectic style and talented musical abilities secure Baby Pink as a rising star in the R&B genre. You can see Baby Pink perform live at her launch for her second EP, “Crocodile” at the Colour Factory in London on February 23rd.

Written By Julia Hooper



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