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  • Alyssa Gallardo

Review: "Tattoo (Of Your Name)" - Ace Rosewall

Ace Rosewall has just released his newest single Tattoo (Of Your Name) and it’s an exciting heartfelt song. This song is one of many songs that Ace Rosewall has about love, and it continues to follow the theme of great songs that Ace Rosewall has released. The lyricism and the general sound of the song impress beyond belief and have fans jumping and falling in love all over again.

In this pop song, Ace Rosewall goes on to confess his love to a person and go on about how much he loves them. He’s just met this person and instantly enamoured with them, going as far as to want to get a tattoo of their name- just so he can remember the feeling of how in love he is with them. This song is a classic pop song, the production uplifting Ace Rosewall’s amazing vocals, and the beats keeping the song moving forward. Ace Rosewall’s lyrics are nothing to shrug off either, they flow seamlessly with the song's melody and tune. All in all, this is an amazing song about love and the feeling of being in love.

Ace Rosewall is an up and coming Danish pop singer-songwriter who sings about his love for others. He’s taken the underground music scene in London and Copenhagen by storm, releasing hit after hit. He also prides himself on being a ‘part-time viking’. With this new single, we have no idea what will be coming after, but it’s exciting to anticipate what’s coming next.

Written By Alyssa Gallardo



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