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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Tears Of Coal" - Taylor B-W

How can we love again when love has brought us nothing but pain? How do we keep the negative memories of past lovers at bay when we encounter a new love? And how do we prevent ourselves from sabotaging a wonderful connection when caution floods every crevice of our bodies? Taylor B-W in her new single, Tears of Coal, seems to think that embracing the pain of past relationships and the uncertainty of the future is what helps us find our footing in love again.

Tears of Coal is a tactfully crafted Electro-Pop single that begins with atmospheric percussions and light guitar stringing before exploding into a full-on EDM chorus. The track details how the process of falling in love again can feel like an emotional rollercoaster when love hasn’t been the kindest to you in the past. The song begins with B-W expressing how exhausted she is from shunning herself away from love. Even the smallest acts of affection and generosity make the artist want to retreat like a wounded soldier. But they take it slow with this new partner, and gradually allow themselves to not only fall in love but to trust their decisions in love once again. Exemplifying that one can heal while in a romantic relationship - you don’t always need to be the picture of health to be loved on.

Sydney-based singer and songwriter, Taylor B-W, recaptured her affection for producing music after attempting to become an actress. The attempt also drove her into the arms of wildlife conservation. Within it she became a qualified zookeeper at Sydney’s Taronga Training Institute! The artist’ endeavors are always charged with hope and an overabundance of resilience. If you need some of that in your life, there’s a chance to see her perform live this week! Check her website out for more information. But until then, virtual love in the form of streams is always appreciated, too.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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