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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Tell Me What Comes After" - Wynona

On their previous single, "Kiss Me, Kiss Me," Wynona offered a plea for immediacy and presence. Their latest release, arriving only a month later, travels between reminiscing on the past and pondering the future. "Tell Me What Comes After" is a dreamy journey through Wynona's wide-eyed wonderment. The Southampton band pulls from nostalgic sounds without the pressure of reinvention. Instead, they allow familiar sounds to fill the space with fresh context. The buoyant swirl of guitars uplifting co-writer Natalie Woodward's bright vocals connect "Tell Me What Comes After" to the softhearted dream pop of the 1990's. Listen to the airy vocal run as she sings the line, "why don't you stay?" and you'll feel sub-genre's trademark wistfulness. The tone, reflective and longing, gently buzzes with promise.

"We're both living through pages of old magazines," Woodward sings on the second chorus. Hazy guitar licks cling to Woodward's voice, like frost on a window. The details are narrow to the point of being both vivid and obscured, like a photograph of a night you don't remember. References to "January feelings" bring us closer to the narrator, but hold us at an arm's length without complete context. This quality perfectly compliments "Tell Me What Comes After," like peering into the lovestruck daydream of a stranger. "Lost to the bottle spin, / romanticizing everything," she croons. Self-effacing realities splash like cold water on the face.

"Tell Me What Comes After" is the third single released by the UK-based band, Wynona, in 2024. Previously, they released "Feeling For Edges," and the Valentine's Day track, "Kiss Me, Kiss Me." In addition, the band has recorded a live version of "Tell Me What Comes After," to be released in the coming weeks. The group began in Japan, where partners Natalie and Rich created guitar-based pop demos for their home studio in Osaka. The 2020 pandemic saw the two return home to the UK, where Wynona finally came to life. 2023 saw the group release a five-track EP, titled Split Ends. This year will continue to see Wynona releasing a string of singles on their label HoboKawaii.

Written By Andy M.

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