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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Terry and Julie" - Eden Rain

The Kinks' “Waterloo Sunset” showcases an essential dichotomy of life: loneliness and intimacy. Throughout the song, the older narrator’s moments of solitude counter their observations of the deep connection experienced by the young couple, Terry and Julie. The sweet but melancholic single captures the beauty of experiencing either sentiment despite their opposing natures. So, I was thrilled to hear an extension of the observed intimacy in “Waterloo Sunset” was released. “Terry and Julie” by Eden Rain continues the young couple’s story but also highlights the growing depth of intimacy as a relationship matures.

In “Terry and Julie”, Rain’s storytelling takes center stage as they unfold a novella about the star-crossed lovers second chance at romance. Our artist tells the story of Terry and Julie through third-person narration after a considerable amount of time has passed. Relaxed guitar notes open the song and create a world of nostalgic remembrance for listeners to lose themselves in before any words about the lovers are spoken. Drum notes bring listeners to mild consciousness for Rain’s synopsis that’s sung with a heartfelt delivery. The recap reveals our once young lovers are now middle-aged and find themselves married to other people. To their partners’ dismay though, Terry and Julie “reconnected online” and have begun to revisit their relationship. In doing so, the two discover that they still have feelings for one another – demonstrating the timelessness of a connection that runs this deep. The time the two spent apart before rekindling their romance has not only made them appreciate one another more but has also made their connection “feel better than it ever did”. In the mist of this second chance romance, Terry and Julie come to realize "it's been you all along" - there's no one else that conjures up these feelings of familiarity, recognition, and adventure within them like each other. One could only hope to find someone that loves them as much as Terry loves Julie, and to have their love story be told by an expressive voice that radiances as much warmth as Eden Rain's.

Eden Rain is a U.K. based alt-pop singer and songwriter. The artist has always had a way with words, writing poetry long before establishing their music career. But it wasn’t until their teens that they began toying with the idea of combining poetry with performance art. The discography Rain has developed over the last three years has given faithful listeners the opportunity to watch them carve a space for themselves within pop while offering an intimate insight into their personal life. The latter notion being the theme of their debut EP GUTTER VISION. “Terry and Julie” offers listeners a sample of what’s to come from their second EP; singles that step away from confessionals and play into observations. For U.K. bound fans, Rain has a live performance scheduled for early November. Venue and ticketing information can be found here. If you’ve enjoyed Eden Rain’s hand at romance as much as I have, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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