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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "thanks!" - davvn

davvn’s latest single is an anger-fueled anthem that uses cheeky lyrics and a high energy production to expose a toxic ex-partner. “thanks!” is not about thanking them for all the love they shared, but a sarcastic way to acknowledge all the pain, anger, and sorrow they have caused. The words carry a heavy amount of resentment for the toxic person that treated them terribly. Through the use of detailed imagery and vulnerable lyrics, the band exposes this behavior. In the chorus, band member, McCall, sings, “Thanks for acting like it’s charity to even want me// Never gave compliments// Just hits to my confidence.” These words cut like knives, exemplifying the full extent of the damage done. However, McCall flips the script when she finishes up the chorus with, “So thanks for making breaking up feel so easy.” Although this person played games with her mind, it opened her eyes to just how awful they were—making leaving them easier than she had thought was possible. “thanks!” is an infectious track that acts as a cathartic release for both the band and listeners.

“thanks!” is a pop-punk masterpiece that wastes no time in kicking it into high-gear. The track begins with McCall’s muffled vocals singing two lines from the chorus paired with an electric guitar. At the end of the second line, the track switches to the verse with the vocals unmuted. The steady beat in the verse pulls focus into McCall’s gorgeous vocals and the clever lyrics. The verse has synth sound effects that are reminiscent of 80s/90s pop, showcasing davvn’s famous genre blending. Then, the chorus returns with the full production of guitars and drums, continuing the angsty pop-punk genre that McCall was born to sing. Throughout the track, the listener can hear the anger in her voice and the passion from the band. “thanks!” is another outstanding addition to davvn’s discography that further cements their future as the next big pop-punk band.

davvn, pronounced “dawn”, is a pop-punk duo consisting of members, McCall and Mike. In 2018, they made their debut with their Sleeping Lion collaboration, “Felt Something”. The following year, they released another collaboration “faded on you” featuring PNK FME. About a month later, they released their first solo project, “:butterflies:”. Since then, they have released several more infectious tracks. The duo is known for mixing different elements from dreamy pop, electronic pop, R&B, and rock to create a genre-blending sound that stuns listeners.

Written By Karlee Smith



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