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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "That Bad" - Fox Revett

Fox Revett's newest single, "That Bad," is a synth-pop ballad reflecting on a toxic relationship. Lyrically, the track explores the cyclical nature of these romances. Revett writes about being unable to let go of someone despite knowing it's unhealthy. In the chorus, they sing, "Pressure point's starting to show / I'll forget them in a day or so / Tell me what you did to make it that bad." The single accuanates Revett's capabilities as a songwriter. It is an honest and realistic portrayal of how these relationships manifest. The constant breaking-up-and-getting-back-togethers, the unfulfilled promises, and the hopes that it will be different this time, only to stay the same, are all depicted. They delve deep into the complicated feelings and messy situations that come with a relationship of this nature, making "That Bad," a cathartic listen for anyone who has ever experienced something similar.

Revett recalls writing the track while running, which, when listened to, makes complete sense. "That Bad" is a pumping, synth-heavy tune with a booming beat--it is perfect workout music. The production and structure of the song are immaculate. Revett begins by crooning over a quiet instrumental, gradually adding faster and faster drums until the driving, high-tempo chorus kicks in. Everything works together to build momentum and make the refrain soar. The song sounds massive. Then the bridge takes it up an even bigger notch, with a brief beat switch, autotuned EDM vocal snippets, and an 80s metal-inspired drum solo. Revett keeps the listener engaged with these various experimental details. Yet the track still feels cohesive because every decision emphasizes the narrative written about. The emotions of the relationship are immense, so naturally, the instrumental is as well. "That Bad" is an ambitious single--with a fun, lively sound, and a strong emotional core.

Fox Revett is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Toronto. A self-described "choir boy gone rogue," Revett combines his background in classical and a love of the hyperpop genre with his music. The artist strives to create unique and forward-thinking pop songs. They also engineer tracks for other artists, including Canada's Drag Race contestant, Lemon. "That Bad" is Revett's fifth-released single--and their second one this year. His discography includes rock-pop fusion, "Twice," and electronic ballads, "I Think I'm Missing" and "Breaking Point"--the latter of which currently has over 20,000 streams on Spotify. Check out "That Bad" and the rest of Revett's discography on streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan



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