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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "That's Such A Girl Thing To Say" - The Pretty Ugly

"That's Such A Girl Thing To Say" by British alternative band The Pretty Ugly is a must-listen, in my opinion. This song had me smiling and bopping my head the second it started. I love it! The production of this song is incredibly good on the ears, and the melody is ridiculously catchy. I am already unconsciously singing along to the chorus of this song. The vocal delivery on this track is impeccable; the singer has a very unique and refreshing voice. Indie rock is a genre I can't say I get into often, but when I do, I absolutely love it.

There are so many wonderful and whimsical influences in the sounds on this track. Having obvious 80's influences, the style of this song also reminds me of Artic Monkeys and the indie rock band The Brohbecks. The song is short but sweet and packs a punch despite the length of this track. Lyrically, this song is about a relationship where one is constantly lying to the other. Your partner is claiming someone is "just friends," but you are well aware this is not the case. But despite this, you hold back and let the fib continue for too long. Now that it is over, you can't believe how long you played along.

Resigning in Yorkshire, UK, this band of four is self-claimed "80's obsessed," and that shines through beautifully in their music. The cover art for many of their tracks is also retro, with a select number also depicting baseball memorabilia. They have played a wide variety of gigs across the U.K., and the four enjoy it. You can see their witty sense of humor; it especially shines through on their TikTok account.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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