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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "The Boy I Love" - Kaitlin Stark

Kaitlin Stark’s “The Boy I Love” is a quintessential self-love anthem about acknowledging your flaws and understanding they make you who you are. Our flaws make us unique, and that’s what makes us lovable. The person we choose to love also chooses to love us, and our quirks and imperfections become our most endearing qualities to them. Being with someone who loves you, despite the deficiencies we see in the mirror, makes you so confident in who you are and what you offer to the world. “The Boy I Love” is a beautiful love song to a significant other, but it’s really about loving yourself, letting our weaknesses make us strong, and being proud of every piece of who you are. When we love ourself, we allow the most magical, sought-after kind of love from someone else. Love starts from within, but when someone not only allows, but encourages, you to be your most-authentic self and loves you more because of that, walls come down, hearts heal, and you get a real chance at forever as your best self with your biggest supporter.

“The Boy I Love” is a dreamy track about acceptance and love. Kaitlin Stark pours her heart and soul into every word. Kaitlin uses introspection as a key influence in her music. She dives into her most-inner thoughts, and she beautifully sings the secrets we might keep to ourselves. She gives a safe space where people learn being flawed makes them uniquely charming. Her melody is like a warm blanket that wraps us in comfort, and her lyrics are equally delicate and powerful. Kaitlin uses raw honesty and vulnerability to tell a beautiful story, and she encourages her audience to gain confidence and be proud of who they are.

Kaitlin Stark is a singer/songwriter who combines her small-town Georgia roots with her bright-lights Nashville residency to create music for every ear. There isn’t anything Kaitlin Stark won’t touch on in her music. She wants to create something that doesn’t already exist in the music scene, and she yearns to do it with deep thought and emotion. She uses passing comments or greetings from a stranger as jumping-off points for her next hit tracks. She successfully strives to create music that contains sonic savviness but is seeped with real emotion. Kaitlin has been writing since she was a teenager and playing instruments even longer, and she will continue to explore big questions and poke at the existential ideas of the world. She wants her music to create a space where her listeners can experience a release and feel seen. Follow Kaitlin Stark below, and become a part of her journey to answering all of life’s questions with her alluring voice and captivating lyrics.

Written By Grace Chapman



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