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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "The Cost Of Being Perfect" - Sophia Angeles

"The Cost Of Being Perfect" is a gentle ballad regarding the strive for perfection and how much it affects a person. Aiming to fit into the unrealistic standards society has set is not healthy for one's mindset and can make a person be so hard on themselves. This piece is near to Sophia's heart as she shared her feelings and experience with the matter on her Instagram: "Perfectionism is something I've struggled with my whole life. As I got older I realized that after years of trying to make people like me I ended up turning into my own bully by criticizing myself." It's true, we really can turn into our biggest critics when we get in our own heads. Sophia revealed that she healed a piece of her that had been hurting for so long by writing and producing this song, and it is a beautiful reminder that being so mean to yourself is not worth chasing after perfection.

This piece immediately starts with the question "Why am I so hard on myself?" It's a very powerful realization to come to after so much time being spent trying to change yourself. It's the realization that you don't deserve to treat yourself this way and that you really should be kind to yourself. The rest of the lyrics tell a story of a person's destructive journey of comparing themselves to people on a screen, and how it actually does nothing but take away their self-worth. As for the melody, it stays soft throughout the piece and gives Sophia's voice and message the spotlight. Allowing Sophia's voice to be so heard makes the meaning of the song so much more impactful. Her voice itself is so light and airy, bringing so much peace to this song. As a whole, this song is full of emotion and passionately addresses a topic that almost all endures.

Pop singer Sophia Angeles moved to Nashville in 2016 to seriously pursue her music career. Finding inspiration in this musically-inclined city, she debuted her career by releasing her single "Interested" in 2018 and has only grown from there. She has a total of seven released singles including this newest one. Just in the last year alone, her music has gotten a total of 50 million views on Youtube. Also, her single "Miss You More" has been featured on Spotify playlists such as "Fresh Finds" and "Poptronix" and has almost 3 million streams on the platform. Sophia fosters a strong love for pop music and has found inspiration for her pieces through artists including Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels. With her passion and drive, Sophia is an artist who is bound to make a name for herself in the industry.

Written By Melina Darlas



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