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  • Kasey D.

Review: "The End" - Thomas Day

Adversities can be found in even the smallest of things. It’s something that -- despite being painful at that moment -- helps us understand how to navigate life and handle even tougher situations in the future. Thomas Day’s “The End” is full of anguish and questioning that feels like a personal letter to himself. The song is vulnerable in the realest sense; and acknowledges that despite all the beauties that exist, sometimes the only recognisable aspect in life is the pain felt from difficult circumstances.

“The Day'' isn't your average love-song (or pop song). Pop music is mostly “feel-good” music that doesn’t require deep, profound lyricism. Thomas Day uses his powerful, vocals to fully embody the mood and tension in his latest single; which exhibits true emotions without effort or over-explaining. You don’t need a backstory or cheatsheet to understand “The Day”’s message and overall theme. It’s vague in the sense that listeners can find and create their own implications that fits their personal story well. However, despite talks of trials and tribulations, Day also addresses his willpower and that is found in the chorus: “But this is not the end / I'm hanging off the edge / But I'll keep / Holding on, I swear to God / I got a stubborn heart / And a voice screaming in my head / This is not the end.” Thomas Day is resilient as he continues fighting for a life full of love, joy, and true understanding. Without realising, this sentiment teaches listeners the importance of perseverance and resilience. No one can guarantee that life will get easier as time progresses, but it does get better. Continue your journey and you’ll be greeted with beautiful things along the way.

Singer Thomas Day was born in Brentwood, Tennessee and grew up in a musical family. Not only has he been interested in becoming a musical artist since he was a child, but he is also skillful in other hobbies such as football. With over 6 million followers on social media and auditioning on America’s Got Talent in 2020, Thomas Day has worked hard to achieve his dreams and has become increasingly successful whilst doing so. Day’s future is bright, and we’re all excited to see him grow in his artistry!

Written By: Kasey D.



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