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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "The Great Indoors" - Juliana Tucker

Self-love, self-discovery, happiness and independence. These things are extremely important and significant in one’s journey to knowing and finding themselves - apart from relationships. In “The Great Indoors”, Juliana Tucker digs deep into her before and after of finding out who she was individually. She tells the story of cutting out distractions from the outside world and going indoors to spend some time alone to work on herself. Sometimes, friendships and relationships can cause you to focus on other people or things that don’t even matter, which distracts you from your purpose, your likes/dislikes, and just your overall growth as a person. And in order to do this, Juliana decided to put herself first, separated and took time for herself. This is also key to enjoying your own company, knowing your true self without influences and being able to know yourself before jumping into friendships and relationships that can sometimes make you forget about prioritizing that.

Throughout the entire song, we just hear the piano, but the piano emanates growth as the song goes on and as she realizes who she is. It shows us that this is going to be a story. A process. A journey of growth. We realize this once the piano starts to speed up and raise its pitch when Juliana showcases her growth and sees herself “come alive.” You’ll notice the piano playing slower at the beginning of the song when she questions herself and what she was spending her time doing. She says, “Everyday, losing track of time in here. Is this my life? I don’t know how I got here, everything is unclear.” Afterwards and as the song goes on, she provides details of finding out about what she likes, what she needs, and what she notices more about herself as she continues to prioritize her self-love and discovery. And when this happens, we notice the piano speeding up, and playing at a higher tone. We here Juliana showcasing this, as well as her happiness with lyrics like, “Open my eyes, enjoy the view”, “As I explore the great indoors, I see myself come alive”, “When I’m alone, it hits just right I’m finding what I like”, and so much more! She now knows who she is independently. She went indoors, away from the outside world, and put herself first. This takes being alone to dig deep and find out who you are. And once she did that, she said, “Looking back on how much I grew.” It’s only up from here. Be better than who you were yesterday. And that takes going indoors, away from “Outside distractions, or any shallow attractions.” All that matters, according to Juliana, is “Just what I do with myself” The indoors are truly a great thing!

Juliana Tucker is a pop singer and song-writer from Los Angeles, California. “The Great Indoors” is 1 of 6 songs from her recently released debut EP titled “The Great Indoors”, which was released just a week ago on March 3rd! You may have caught Juliana when she was on American Idol at just 16 years old, where previous judge Steven Tyler told Juliana, “You have the IT factor.” The 5 other songs included in the EP are, “Let Me Let Loose”, “Fair Warning”, “Bad Friends”, “Breakup High”, and “Alone but Not Lonely.” This EP as a whole captures Juliana’s raw emotions when it comes to discovering herself through the lens of all relationships from romance to friendship. Make sure to check out Juliana Tucker’s new and incredible EP out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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