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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "The Moon" - Ellie Burke

Earlier this year, Ellie Burke's new single caused a solar eclipse as “The Moon” brought the artist into full view. The song expresses a desire to escape, to take a moment away from the chaos of life on Earth and rest on the moon. Though the song means to indulge in loneliness and feeling misunderstood, Burke’s relatability makes it do quite the opposite. It is near impossible to feel misunderstood with her perfect description of those feelings. “The Moon” offers not only the words for those who seek the peace the artist does, but also the solution to their unrest. Its melodic, soothing sound paired with those relatable words creates a feeling of tranquility. If you’re looking to escape, “The Moon” is the perfect place to go.

“The Moon” starts with a slow strumming of guitar that makes the listener feel as if they’re listening to one of Burke’s live performances. There are no overwhelming sound effects or rushed lyrics at the start, rather, a calming introduction which sets the tone for the rest of the song. Ellie’s deeply emotional voice then begins with a statement of pure honesty. “I wanna go to the moon” she says. She claims this as if it is her first time admitting it aloud. As she continues, the listener can begin to understand how she came to this conclusion, and why she doubts herself on it. Behind her vocals, a repeating chord sounds as if it is floating further and further away, reflecting the distance Burke seems to long for. Even as other instruments join the melody, it never breaches the calmness she’s sought to create. Instead, the light percussion and guitar combine to create a song reminiscent of a rainstorm. A million moving parts but only one soft melody with one strong voice.

Ellie Burke was born in Liverpool, home to a family supportive of her career and a brother who was a musician himself. From an early age, Burke immersed herself in the culture of the music industry. The sound of guitar was a familiar one in her household, so much so the artist says she doesn’t even remember learning how to play, it was always in her hands. Going from a street performer to producing and uploading her own music to SoundCloud, she has been a constant voice in the background of pop. She wants to go further than the moon, to the stars, and she is on her way. Now with her single available on Spotify and a paired music video on YouTube, she has gained hundreds of views and listens in under a month. Ellie often appears in public spaces such as open mics and coffee houses, so as a confident live performer, she wishes to travel and tour beyond her home city. As much as I hope to see her do so, now that she is a professionally produced artist there’s no need to wait. Go stream “The Moon” and join her before she takes off.

Written By Hailey Schap



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