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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "The Night Sky" - Eighty Ninety

You know that cool phenomenon where we can see ourselves in other people? The more often this happens, the closer we feel to them. As a result, it’s easy to romanticize our relationships and imagine a brighter future. That’s where ‘The Night Sky’ by Eighty Ninety comes in. This is a chill synth-pop anthem about that moment where you see that special someone as your everything. “I could see a lifetime in that look in your eyes; oh, your face, it was the night sky.” When you’re in love, it’s like the whole universe is at your fingertips. Capturing that thought in 4K, Eighty Ninety brilliantly blurs daydreams and reality to achieve this feeling. In doing so, they create the best of both worlds!

This song takes the infinite beauty of the night sky and intermingles this with ideas about fate versus charting your own path. “Taught you how to read the signs, said, ‘It’s fate, we can’t escape it’; when I think about it now, think we just tried out our own ending.” Adding to this, shimmering synths and acoustic guitar shape an affectionate atmosphere where love can flourish. Time seems to standstill at points, occurring so organically that it’s like it was meant to be that way. It's that feeling of peace you get when you can comfortably sit in silence with someone you care about. It’s visually stunning and enlivening!

Meet Eighty Ninety, a NYC-based duo comprised of brothers Abner and Harper James. Specializing in minimalist indie-pop, they fuse vibrant lyrics with a part-acoustic, part-electronic production style they like to call “808s and telecasters.” So really, it’s their emotions that drive the story! Their 2016 debut ‘Three Thirty’ went viral, and their support since then has been astronomical. They’ve also been endorsed by Taylor Swift, who added the duo’s 2017 track ‘My Favorite Song’ as #13 (her lucky number!) on her official playlist Songs Taylor Loves! ‘The Night Sky’ is the title track of their fabulous new EP, which is out now for your streaming pleasure!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez


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