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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "The One" - Florio

A breakup track that allows you to dance as you contemplate your previous relationship and try to keep your hopes up. This is what Florio gives us with his latest single “The One.” While hopefulness may not be what you want during heartbreak, it is what you need, so why not do it to “The One” which serves as not just a great breakup song, but as a fun summer track as well. The song’s sound is very lively and shows off not just Florio’s talent as an artist, but as a producer as well. He has a unique voice that matches the song's sound perfectly and additionally lights up the lyrical content of the song. It’s a song that sticks in your head as it is incredibly catchy and should be the next song you play on full blast.

The use of the synth throughout the song gives it that 80s influence that most people enjoy from this genre of music. However, this influence does not get in the way of the song feeling very modern and fresh. The song stays very bright, especially in comparison to the lyrical content. The lyrics are very honest about how much damage was done by the other person and how much the speaker wants them to apologize. Additionally, the song is very open about how hopeful the speaker was about this relationship being long-lasting. But there is still an acceptance of self-worth that comes from the song, and that is what makes the track an uplifting piece. As the song progresses, we hear how it begins to build up on itself which shows a change in how the speaker has been able to grow from the relationship enough, and it makes the song end in a more positive way than where it started. Overall, “The One” allows Florio to shine as an artist and show off what he can do.

Florio is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York who has been working as a musician for over 15 years. He not only is an artist/songwriter, but he is also a producer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer. He has a multitude of artists that he has worked with and is additionally a part of the creative collective Antisocial Producers Club. Florio’s versatility comes through in his craft as there is a clear attention to detail in his work. He focuses on making sure his songwriting is direct and honest with his audience. There is a clear dedication to his craft when you listen to Florio, and it proves that he will continue to flourish as he more music later on. Florio is definitely the artist you should check out next.

Written By Chantal Charles


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