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  • Alyssa Gallardo

Review: "The One" - KTEE

KTEE bares her heart out to her listeners with new single “The One”. With excellent lyrics, vocals, and production, KTEE kills it and creates a fun upbeat pop song which everyone can enjoy. In contrast, the lyrics are a little somber as KTEE reflects on a past relationship that wasn’t the healthiest and left KTEE in ruins. The contrast between lyrics and production makes for an amazing song that capture the heart of every listener.

"The One" is a song about looking through rose-coloured lenses. KTEE says that the song is about a past relationship of hers that went wrong, and it ended with her blaming herself for all the issues within it. The production in this song is evident, from the synths to the guitar and the drums. It all blends together seamlessly to add to KTEE’s lyricism. The idea of someone not being right for you, but wanting to hold on is evident and beautifully played into. KTEE brought her own experiences into the song and made it her own anthem, which a lot of other people will be able to connect with.

KTEE has been wildly successful since the moment she was born. From singing in her room to living abroad in Ireland and discovering her love for songwriting. She was a semi-finalist in the ISC of 2017, and when she first started releasing music, she got some air time on UK radio stations. She’s extremely talented and driven, and it’s amazing to see how far she’s come in the past few years. KTEE is an incredible songwriter and an even more incredible singer, and it’s very exciting to see where she will go from here.

Written By Alyssa Gallardo



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