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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "The One That Makes Me Cry" - Kid Souf

Love can be complicated and leave you hurt. Sometimes, you think you find the perfect person but learn they’ve taken you for granted. No one wants to feel used. It’s an awful feeling yet many of us have come to know the feeling well. Kid Souf knows the feeling like the back of his hand. He has found himself in many relationships where he is taken for granted. He knows it’s a problem but he keeps finding himself in the same situation. Though he is working on making a positive change in his love life the hurt is still there sometimes. His new track The One That Makes Me Cry is a track about reflecting on these upsetting truths and becoming a stronger person through the pain.

Many artists create a world with their music but Kid Souf is one of the few that creates music that completely envelops you in this world. In previous tracks, Waterproof Mascara and Lover Boy Kid Souf showcases this world-building talent and gives the audience a taste of what he can do. With The One That Makes Me Cry, he goes all in and shows off this musical superpower. This track traps you in the haunted house of EDM and forces you to shake ass to these lowkey melancholic lyrics. The record describes times he’s been taken for granted and how looking back on those moments can hurt. That hurt is real but it doesn’t lead to a ballad that isn’t Kid Souf’s speed. The One That Makes Me Cry has lyrics that could make you cry but an instrumental that makes you want to dance to the pulse of a strobe light. This dichotomy is exactly what we all expect from the immensely talented Kid Souf honestly. He perfectly blends the timeless sounds of 70s and 80s disco with the party pop surge of the 2010s. This combination leaves Kid Souf in a league of his own that can and will rock the world.

Kid Souf is a Philly native and it shows. With the influences of Philadelphia grit in his music he is reviving the pop genre and adding his flair to it. He grew up in a rather painful environment. Living with his uber-religious family as a queer child Kid Souf learned to find solace in the sounds of the 2000s. Artists such as Britney Spears and Lady Gaga filled his bedroom at the latest hours of the night and became an obsession. These artists playing from Kid Souf's secret radio became staples in his childhood and influences in his music today. You can hear the influence of Gaga in his tracks with the hyper-dance soundscapes.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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