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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "The One" - Tom Speight

The pain of losing someone special is an awful feeling. Heartbreak is a pain so real it's hard to express with words. Tom Speight’s newest release, "The One”, is a ballad that completely encapsulates this feeling. “The One” is a wildcard song. Though the lyrics are incredibly heart-wrenching they are juxtaposed with a haunting but lively indie pop instrumental that creates a dramatic soundscape for you to nestle into. This track hits all the nails on the head. It's lyrically intense and has the vocals to match. Tom's artistry is uplifted by the wonderfully talented Carey Willetts who assisted in producing the song. Tom and Carey’s work led to the mixing of an incredibly impactful song.

The lyrics of this song are written in such a captivating manner. Tom's knack for lyricism does not go unnoticed in this track. Throughout the song, he paints a picture of himself going back and forth with his lover. Simultaneously begging for the relationship to last while condemning this person for ending it. One of many lyrics that showcase a bit of this push and pull is found in the second verse. “How could you run away with the light // left me in the dark // stealing my heart.” These lyrics are so smart in the fact that they mirror a traditional love song perfectly. The metaphor of this person running away with light is not only referring to the “light” love brings into your life but also references his partner in this way. This person he loved dearly is his light and without them, he is left in the dark. Left without love, left without "the one." Tom also uses the typical love song trope of “you stole my heart” however, completely flips it on its head. Stealing a heart in this context alludes to the idea that maybe stealing someone's heart isn’t that great. Having great love in your life does not mean having something stolen from you; it means sharing something with someone else. Tom makes this point loud and clear with this verse. His lover stole his heart and that's not something “The One” would do.

Tom Speight is a UK-based singer/songwriter who has already made quite a name for himself in the UK pop scene. His work has been used in a handful of popular shows and movies such as To All the Boys and Sex Lives of College Girls. He is continuing to set fire to the music scene with his unique take on the indie pop sound with two albums already out we can expect more from this incredible talent.

Written By Kaiana Lee


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