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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "The One" - Zhuli

This catchy dance-pop single offers perspective on complicated relationships and emotional unavailability. Zhuli sings, “I don’t want to be the one” showing that the situationship she was a part of was never meant to turn into something serious. In the modern era of dating and hook-up culture, it’s common for this problem that Zhuli sings about to happen. Often times, having a casual partner leads to complicated feelings that end up in one person wanting a serious relationship and the other not reciprocating. “The One” perfectly captures these messy feelings that so many of us can relate to.

Zhuli’s newest single relies heavily on electo-beats and synths to create an upbeat bass that supports her strong vocals and lyrics. My favorite lyrics were, “I told you from the start that I was just another lover.” I think this sums up the whole message that Zhuli is trying to get across in this song. A serious relationship was clearly never on the table in this situation and Zhuli reiterates that she doesn’t want to be “the one” for her partner. I think this is a powerful concept that is talked about here, especially since these words are coming from a woman. So many times, society paints the female in the relationship as the one who will want commitment, but here, the stereotype breaks. I think this song is a good example for women, showing that it’s okay to want to just have fun and be casual and not be pressured into something serious if you don’t want it. While “The One” is a great dance-pop hit, it also gives the power to the women.

Zhuli is an electro-pop singer based in Sydney, Australia. Following the release of her first single, “IKEA”, Zhuli returns to bring her fans another great pop hit. Zhuli draws inspiration from popstars Charli XCX and Ariana Grande while adding her own special experimental elements that makes her music undeniably hers. While new to the music scene, Zhuli has found success in creating songs that can be relatable to most everyone. You won’t want to miss out on a single thing from this dance-pop icon!

Written By Emily Hancock



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