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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "The Other Girls" - Joey May

Joey May’s latest single is a hauntingly beautiful ballad consisting of honest lyrics and a soothing melody. “The Other Girls” dives into May’s relationship and the self-doubt that consumes her. Despite her partner reassuring her that they love her for who she is, she cannot help but question her worth. Throughout the track, she sings vulnerable lyrics that illustrate these negative thoughts and the uncontrollable urge to compare herself to every girl her partner has ever been with. She starts the second verse with, “You treat me better than I treat myself// But when you get me flowers// I can’t help but to wonder// Did you ever get her the same.” These lines reveal that she recognizes that her partner cherishes her, and that she needs to love herself the way her partner loves her. However, she slips into these thoughts of self-doubt, thinking that their love is not special—that she is not special. “The Other Girls” is a unique reflection on insecurities found within relationships, because this track praises the partner for their love, while it puts the blame on May herself. The heart wrenching track resonates with listeners by effortlessly describing these emotions in a captivating manner.

“The Other Girls” is a gloomy piano-led ballad with a peaceful melody that calms the minds of listeners. The track begins with the gentle piano that is quickly joined by May’s heavenly vocals. The production remains steady throughout the song, providing an ethereal element. When the song was recorded, May kept it as “raw as the first phone demo.” This created a unique effect on the track, making it feel more authentic and down-to-earth than if a full production were used. The only addition May added were some vocal harmonies. These can be heard throughout the song, further enhancing the heavenly atmosphere. “The Other Girls” is an enchanting track that transports the listener to another world and makes them feel like they are floating on air.

Joey May is a singer-songwriter based in London. In 2021, she was crowned a winner of the Bingo Sounds Soundscheck Contest. This contest supports the dreams of aspiring artists, giving them the means to kickstart their musical career. In February 2022, May released her debut single, “fingertips”. Her second single, “Crime”, was released in October 2022, which was followed up by “The Other Girls”. These last two singles will be featured on her upcoming five-track debut EP, notes from my bedroom. This year, May has gone on tour and has continued to write songs—setting herself a firm foundation in the music industry.

Written By Karlee Smith



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