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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "The Other Side of Me" - Anna Bea

Anna Bea shows her listeners a different style of her music in her single, “The Other Side of Me”. The newest release is an emotional pop song layered with a deeper meaning hidden in its lyrics about self worth. When it comes to the new single, the artist has said, "It's about hiding part of yourself to please someone and never letting the other side of you show”. Her song centers around the idea of losing control in a one sided relationship, where one partner may find themselves staying silent and hiding who they really are. The authenticity in the lyrics may be relatable to those who find themselves in similar situations. With lyrics like “ I'm one step ahead, you think I'm way behind, but you can't see what's going on inside my mind,” Anna’s new track speaks up for those who may find it hard to be their authentic self by using an infectious pop melody, hard hitting lyrics, and a voice you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Anna released a music video along with her track which has already been viewed nearly 20,000 times in under a week. In the video, you see two opposite sides to the artist as the screen splits throughout the video as different situations come up. Scenarios like finding your partner flirting with another person when you leave the room and controlling how much food you eat are some of the situations played out. During the split screen, one of those sides you can see Anna showing her true self with real emotional responses and on the other side you find her less authentic side reacting how the other person wants to see and hear her. Anna's visual performance ties in perfectly with her track and it's message while she smiles and nods away the truth. Her clever use of lyrics was the highlight of this track. Opening with Anna singing, “I've been giving up, you've been giving in, is it a sin to let you go or let you win”, she continues this narrative with lyrics that pack a punch as you listen. Her song writing cover aspects of being one step ahead, smiling to please, and trying to hide the other side of her as a secret. With the release of her new single, "The Other Side of Me", Anna want her listeners to take away the moral of the song, which is to not hide your self in order to please another person.

Anna Bea is a Singer and Songwriter from London. She first started releasing music during the COVID-19 lock down in 2020 with her first single, “Bleeding Heart” and has been performing and releasing music ever since. Anna currently has over 23,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, over 400,000 streams on Spotify collectively, and over a million views on TikTok. Anna first got into performing live while attending Bristol University a few years ago and now performs regularly around her hometown. She often writes songs to connect with other people that draw from her own thoughts and feelings. Her music is influenced by artists such as ASH, and FINNEAS. At a young age, the up and coming artist already has an impressive list of accomplishments in her music career so far. From her music reaching hit No.1 on Itunes Chart in Luxembourg, to landing interviews with radio stations like BBC London, and even hearing her own music being played on BBC Radio. Recently, Anna has working on new music so you should expect more releases in the upcoming year from her.

Written By Jenna Barton



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