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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "The Race" - Chris James

We all have tough days sometimes. We’ve felt unmotivated and overwhelmed by doing the same things over and over. We deserve breaks and should have more time to ourselves. Chris James single, “The Race” is about struggling to find that balance between yourself and the things you have to do in life; whether that be your passion, a job you have to get through, or being in school, this is a song that everyone can relate to. We have to remember that it’s okay to have struggles, but learning to cope with it all will help a lot. Everybody has gone through hard situations, and we all learn to deal with it in our own ways. We often forget that we’re not the only ones struggling.

Chris starts “The Race” off with soft ad libs and a mellow guitar melody. His raw and passionate vocals create a sensation that captivates the listeners from the very first note. His vulnerability plays a big role which helps us feel like it’s a safe haven to be in when listening to his song. The instrumental creates a gentle mood in its soundscape with Chris’ relatable lyrics of constantly reminding us that “Everyone’s got these days / Remember you’ll be okay” to help us feel like we’re not alone. The chorus has a catchy groove that is showcased through Chris’ soulful voice. Although with its motivational and reassuring lyrics, it’s slightly contrasted with an uplifting beat that is foot tapping worthy. The track throughout has a positive message that gets through to us because of his expressive tone and optimistic tune.

Chris James is a German-American songwriter-producer based in Berlin. He started playing the guitar at an early age and has written and produced chart topping songs for many artists. Specifically, the RIAA Gold-certified Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit song, “Life Goes On” by BTS, German Single Charts #1 song, “Komet” by Udo Lindenberg and Apache 207, and his own song, “Not Angry” which has gathered over 4B+ uses on the app Douyin. He got on the “Taiwan Viral 50” and “Trending Hits” on Spotify. Chris has release other songs garnering over 70 million streams and as a songwriter, he has achieved over 800 million streams on Spotify. He is described as finding comfort and solace with his storytelling, relatability, and vulnerability. Chris James is an artist worth checking out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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