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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "The Saddest Part" - EMMY

TikTok-viral sensation EMMY has just released “The Saddest Part” off of her first EP “Mouthful”! Despite this EP only being her 4th release, she already has herself a solidified sound and style. This track is all about the disappointing realities of heartbreak with an upbeat take on it. EMMY at the beginning of the song describes how cold it feels once the twin flame burns out. She’s left wondering about even the littlest things, like what the weather is like where he is or if the leaves are changing colors. She feels like she doesn’t know her old partner anymore, but recognizes that it’s exactly what they want. EMMY describes the saddest part of the breakup: she would always let them break her heart. She’d “stand there with open arms and smile” and be simultaneously broken into a thousand pieces. She then reminisces on the good times in the second verse, but now no one could “understand the mess that’s in [her] head”, which is why she’d let them break her heart again. The lyric that immediately struck me was “and I guess that’s what I get/I’m just that kind of friend/I forgive and you forget” because it perfectly describes the disappointment you feel when you want to get back together with someone while also recognizing all their flaws that made the relationship fail. EMMY eventually blames herself in the bridge, saying when they break her heart, she still loves them.

“The Saddest Part” is a truly innovative song for it being so early in EMMY’s musical career. The song starts and you are immediately captivated by this unique soundscape filled with arpeggiated synths. This song is filled with synths, yet it doesn’t come off as an electronica track. The verses have more of a moody vibe, with some deep chords lingering at the bottom. However, the vibe picks up with some lighter synths and becomes more of a dance track with a strong beat. It’s very contradictory with the lyrics, but it works very well. However, in the final chorus, the beat is gone and is replaced by a solemn piano, as EMMY faces the reality of her breakup. Disregarding the final chorus, the song reminds me of the production on “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles with the electro-pop vibe. 

Emmy Hartman, professionally known as EMMY, is a 24-year-old singer from Cleveland, Ohio, but currently resides in Los Angeles. EMMY’s first introduction into the world of social media was in 2017, when she inadvertently went viral as “the girl who filmed her own emotional breakdown” after getting a ticket on her way to a concert. She continued social media from there, and currently has over 2 millions followers on TikTok. After years of recording acapella covers on TikTok, she made her musical debut with “STUPID BIG TEETH” in 2021, which currently boasts over 11 million streams on Spotify alone. “The Saddest Part” is a part of her debut EP “Mouthful”, which is only her fourth music release. Yet, she has garnered massive attention from some of her idols like Billie Eilish, Matty Healy, and Hailey Williams. It’s very clear that EMMY has a true musical talent and it will be very exciting to see how far her music talents will take her.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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