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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "The Weather" - Your Paris

Fights happen in relationships. There are bound to be things you and your significant other disagree on. Some of these fights are more intense than others. In the truly bad fights, threats of leaving can be made. In their new song ‘The Weather’, Your Paris tells the story of what happens when those threats are turned into action. A couple has been fighting, and this time, one of the partners has packed up their things to leave. The partner being left is desperately pleading to talk about anything in hopes that things can be fixed.

Your Paris is made up of Nick Babcock and Laila Kharouba. In ‘The Weather’, Laila is the primary vocalist, with Nick having a verse after the first chorus. The duo use their individual voices to tell a complex story. Laila is the partner being left and her vocals reflect her sense of loss and desperation. The repeated phrase “let’s just talk about the weather” shows how she’s trying to grasp onto anything to rekindle this relationship. She isn’t ready to give up yet. Nick’s verse shows how this breakup is hard for him as well, but he is done trying to save a sinking ship. “I’m afraid to hear you laughing/ or even think about what’s happened/ I can’t be the one that’s calling.” Nick is trying to distance himself from the situation so he can go through with his leaving. He knows that if he calls Laila first, they’ll end up talking and he might not be able to walk away. In breakup songs you typically get events told through one perspective. I thought it was unique how Your Paris uses each vocalist to tell a different side of the story. Both partners are struggling, this relationship hard on them, bringing that much more emotion to the song. ‘The Weather’ is not your run of the mill breakup song and is definitely worth an addition to any ‘In My Feels’ playlist.

Nick and Laila created their pop duo, Your Paris, just two months before the pandemic began. In the time since they have released a handful of singles. If you ask Nick and Laila, they will say their sound is a mix of Fleetwood Mac and Ariana Grande. While a pop group, Your Paris draws inspiration from a large variety of genres including folk and rock. The love the duo has for one another can be heard and felt through their music. ‘The Weather’ is available to stream now on Spotify.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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