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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "The Weekend" - Faye Fantarrow

Faye Fantarrow via Instagram.

Sometimes, I just don’t have the motivation to do any work. Sometimes, I’m so unmotivated to do any work that I have to trick myself into doing it. I like to split up the time: I have five days of work ahead of me, that’s 50 hours in total. But if my co-workers are late – and they’re always late – I’m realistically looking at 58 hours a week. That’s about 11.5 hours of work a day, and I usually take a break in the middle of that shift. So, for every (approximately) six hours of work, I get to look forward to some momentary relaxation. Splitting up the time doesn’t always give me the motivation I need, though. That’s when I must fantasize about the weekend – and I know I’m certainly not alone in this. Faye Fantarrow’s “The Weekend” captures the zeal we have for the upcoming weekend after just barely making it through a grueling work week.

“The Weekend” highlights Fantarrow’s unique vocal style and the growing dissatisfaction with the current, universal work-life imbalance. The single opens with Fantarrow delivering the first verse and pre-chorus; hitting listeners with spoken-word lyrics as echoing piano notes fade in. Within the opening lines, our artist gives us a clear-cut picture of the work-life balance that the people of modernity face: they aren’t working to live – they’re living to work. Our lives shouldn’t center around the workplace, but they unfortunately do and as of right now, there’s not much being done to change this unhealthy dynamic. In such a miserable situation, the only glimmering hope working people can look forward to is the weekend. An ensemble of orchestral thumping suddenly uplifts the mood of the song and turns this bleak circumstance right on its’ head, signaling that the weekend has finally arrived. The second and third verses encapsulate how the work-life imbalance makes us decide to do things that aren’t in the best interest of our “health, but [we] ain’t got nothin’ else” - so, we might as well enjoy these little luxuries while we can before returning to work. This all builds towards a swelling revenge synth-inspired bridge that makes listeners think about weaponizing their competence in the workplace; a rightful punishment I think for imposing and upholding this work-life imbalance to begin with.

The accompanying music video for “The Weekend” was shot in the artist’s hometown of Sutherland, U.K.; and is the fourth single to be featured on their debut EP AWOL. The EP showcases Faye Fantarrow’s engaging storytelling and their soul driven delivery topped with striking signature vocals. The alt-pop artist signed to Dave Stewart’s (of the Eurythmics) Bay Street Records in 2021. Fantarrow also received the Alan Hull Award the same year for their impressive songwriting in addition to becoming one of BBC Introducing’s standout artists for the following year. In the mist of recording their EP, Fantarrow was unfortunately diagnosed with a possibly fatal glioma brain tumor. The tumor is believed to be the result of battling and overcoming leukemia twice since their childhood, but Fantarrow is determined to beat this as well. While the crowdfunding campaign to raise the £450,000 needed for their life-saving treatment has ended, fans can still support Fantarrow by streaming their EP and earlier singles to keep the formidable musical force with us for as long as we can.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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