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  • Willow Gray

Review: "The Willows" - Rowan Drake

“The Willows” is a contemporary pop single that chronicles the realization and subsequent acceptance someone has when they let go of someone they held onto dearly. As time moves steadily forward and an era of your life comes to a close, you look towards a usual sense of comfort. However, what remains is your loved one, unsure and needing to leave. They are unwilling as they are used to your familiarity, and you understand that it is up to you to nudge them forward. They were meant for something more than being entangled in your relationship forever. Ever since you met them, they have shown how eager they are to find their greater purpose. What you must do is remind them of the world beyond you too. They will have no more trials or pain, just to be free after they leave you by the familiar willows you two were once drawn to.

“The Willows” is an alt pop contemporary anthem that perfectly reflects the somber message through the moody and ambient instrumental and melody. An ambient tone flows throughout this single and encapsulates the overall themes conveyed through the lyrics. With every breathy vocal echoing throughout, the ever evolving narrative makes itself known. The themes are as melancholy as they are hopeful and the instrumentals serve as a polished yet lingering accompaniment. The cozy yet dreary atmosphere is felt through every echoey piano chord and guitar strum. A nice yet welcome surprise was the bridge and end of this song. As this single is essentially about someone else’s journey, it was encaptivating to hear this other person’s voice to our narrator. The instrumental shift after this message showed what could be interpreted as the singer’s true feelings: discombobulated and broken. While every element intertwined perfectly at the end, it was a unique and welcome experience to hear the “breaking down” of the single.

Rowan Drake is a young singer-songwriter and producer based out of Los Angeles, California. He began his music career by performing in various venues throughout his hometown of Ithaca, New York. After starting his career through these performances, he released his debut single while still in high school. Once graduated from high school, he moved to Los Angeles for better opportunities to start and grow his music career. He has since signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and has released many well-received bodies of work, including his various singles and EPs. He uses his musical career to write about feelings that are important to him such as loneliness and other important struggles. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “The Willows” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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