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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Thieves" - Imelda Gabs

Photo Credits: Karen Gouaïda

A danceable dark ballad with distinct vocals, this is what we see in the latest single by artist Imelda Gabs. The song “Thieves” creates a surreal ambiance that gets listeners moving and nodding along to the catchy beat. The track is a fun electronic dance ballad that really gets across what kind of artist Gabs is. Imelda Gabs’ voice contributes to the ethereal experience, having a voice so smooth and unique. Along with Gabs' vocals, the lyrics of the song create some nice imagery that contributes to transporting listeners into this futuristic world Imelda Gabs has created. With all these elements combined into one song, it shows the power and freshness Imelda Gabs brings as a new up-and-coming artist everyone should be listening to.

The song begins with Gabs singing over a simple piano chord progression. Her voice comes in strong and powerful, standing out during the line “maybe it was all a mistake.” Following this line, the track begins to speed up as the song is beginning to build up with the use of the beat and electronic additions. The buildup works well with the bass drop shortly after in the song as it really brings the song to life and creates an alternative emotional perspective than which the song began with. The chorus of the song is fun, and the rhythm of the track works perfectly in creating that dance-pop feel we all gravitate towards. However, even as the style of the song transforms from where it began, that addictive darkness remains in the ambiance of the song. The bridge of the song is quick and short, and this fits well because it makes sure the listeners aren’t taken too out of the song. The song ends with a nice bang, supported by Gabs’ phenomenal vocal performance towards the end. The song, “Thieves,” should be the latest addition to your playlist as it’s an exciting experience you don’t want to miss.

Imelda Gabs is a Belgian and Congolese musician who grew up in Switzerland. She was musically inclined at a young age, studying piano, violin, and singing. Her first performance was at 14 when she performed with her father, Doctor Gabs, at the Palais des Beaux-Arts. She joined the Montreux Jazz Academy in 2017 where she began to write her own songs and even got invited to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival. In terms of style, Gabs teds to experiment with an electric dark pop sound. She creates an immersive experience with her music. Her debut album, “Synopsis,” which features the song “Thieves” will be released on April 14th and is available for pre-save now.

Written By Chantal Charles



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