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  • Willow Gray

Review: "This Is Where I Leave You" - Max Edwards

“This Is Where I Leave You” is an intriguing pop single that delves into the complicated feelings that go into ending a relationship that has run its course. When a relationship first blossoms, it is easy and normal to focus on the good aspects. You lived for the thrills and warm feelings the love gave you and you look back on that fondly. However, as time passes and the past becomes clear, you realize that there were glaring negatives that affect you enough to rethink the relationship. As you speak with your partner, you come to the painful realization that they do not recognize what you have become aware of. They valued the ride you offered them and are either oblivious or ignorant to reality. As difficult as it is, sometimes leaving the other person is the best thing to do so this is what you ultimately do.

Max Edwards’s latest single is an addictive introspective pop anthem that centers on its polished beats and relaxing vocals. The standout aspect of this single is the very focused and relaxed vocal performance by Edwards. It has an air of self assurance that the message of the song hinges itself upon. The speaker knows their decision to leave the relationship is justified and that can be felt through the clean vocals. This is paired with the straightforward and intriguing instrumentation. Each instrument and addicting beat pattern accompany the song’s narrative. All aspects of Edwards’s latest single intertwine to craft an instantly memorable work of art.

Max Edwards is a singer-songwriter from Whistler BC, Canada. He has created his own songs from a young age and has been performing for just as long. He is a renowned songwriter and regularly writes songs for himself as well as others. He also consistently produces his own songs and has full involvement of his craft that he releases. His most recent single, “This Is Where I Leave You”, was written in 2018 but was recently released in 2023. He has built a dedicated fanbase across social media and regularly posts engaging and introspective content for them. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “This Is Where I Leave You” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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