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  • CJ Taylor

Review: "This Kinda Hurt" - David Arlo

David Arlo This Kinda Hurt Cover Art

If you've ever felt the depths of unspoken pain and the relentless pressure to keep it all inside, David Arlo's latest single "This Kinda Hurt" will resonate deeply with you. The song's evocative lyrics lay bare the artist's struggle with mental health and emotional turmoil. Arlo opens with a poignant scene of trying to call his mother, only to be reminded of the harsh reality that she isn’t there to pick up. This instantly sets the tone for the listener, as Arlo touches on societal expectations and personal battles that many can relate to. He candidly sings about how he uses Hennessy and weed as his escape mechanisms, dancing on the edge to keep from breaking—illustrations that profoundly echo the clandestine coping strategies many of us adopt. Lines like "Boy, get a grip, don't be a bitch," reveal the toxic masculinity that discourages emotional expression, further deepening the listener's connection to his pain.

"This Kinda Hurt" is a masterclass in musical storytelling, with each element meticulously crafted to amplify the emotional weight of the lyrics. The melody is haunting yet captivating, carried by the melancholic strumming of an acoustic guitar and punctuated by the raw texture of Arlo's voice. The sparse production allows the lyrics to take center stage, while subtle electronic flourishes and the echo of the drums create a sense of isolation and vulnerability. The song's structure mirrors the ebb and flow of emotional turmoil, with verses building in intensity before giving way to the cathartic release of the chorus. The pre-chorus serves as a breath-catching moment, a pause before the emotional floodgates open with the powerful refrain, "I got pain in me that you never see, it's the way we were raised, you see, in this town, there's a big drought, real tears we keep way down."

David Arlo is a burgeoning talent hailing from the indie music scene and has swiftly made a name for himself through his emotionally charged songs and soul-stirring performances. Originating from a small town where emotional expression was frowned upon, Arlo turned to music as an outlet for his bottled-up insecurities and hopes. His foray into the music world began at a young age, with Arlo penning his first songs during his teenage years. He’s gone from performing in small venues and open mics to capturing significant attention on streaming platforms. "This Kinda Hurt" is a testament to his growth as an artist, revealing his knack for poignant storytelling and deep emotional connection. With more projects on the horizon, David Arlo is definitely an artist to watch.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the powerful vulnerability of the art “This Kinda Hurt” gives. You can listen to it now on Spotify in the link down below, you can also view the track's official music video above, and be sure to follow David Arlo on his social media platforms using the links below to stay updated on his latest music and upcoming shows. Dive into his world and join the conversation about the unspoken pain we all carry. Trust us, you don’t want to miss a single heartbeat of this rising star’s journey. you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more updates on his latest releases and upcoming tour dates. Connect, share, and heal through the power of his music.

Happy Thursday Guys!

Written By CJ Taylor



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