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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "This Small Town" - Jesabel

Subway hopping, a greasy thin pizza slice for a dollar, plays in the park, poetry slams in coffee shops, and metro cards are some of the things that remind me of home. I’m a city slicker through and through. So, you can imagine the culture shock I had when I moved to eastern Washington and discovered the area mainly consists of small towns. Rather than shying away from the new customs and social manners, I leaned into it – small towns have quite the appealing charm. A charm Jesabel elaborates on in her new single “This Small Town”.

"This Small Town" is a country-pop single with a catchy guitar melody that incorporates synth to provide listeners with a groove-packed rhythm to enjoy. Within the song, Jesabel describes the emotional attachment one can develop to a small town when growing up in the area. One of the perks of being in a small town is the effortless familiarity you establish with others. As Jesabel points out, "everybody knowing your name" is delightful; it's the same effect as being a recognized celebrity without much of the hassle or obligations of a celebutante. Jesabel also acknowledges some of the flaws a small town has within the song. When people have intimate knowledge about you, any changes in your routine can become gossip "they'll be talking for days" about. But in spite of a small town being "a little upside down", you can still be nostalgic and long for the area like Jesabel does. And if you're somewhat new to small town living like I am, the area and the people grow on you. Residing in a small town has expanded my perspective, and I am happy to be able to call my little town home.

The Georgia native turned Florida resident, Jesabel, has an interesting relationship with music. The artist grew up with performance anxiety and did not have a singing lesson until the age of 27. Fast forward a bit, and Jesabel now creates music full-time and routinely takes on live performances. If you’re also Florida bound, you can catch Jesabel live at The District SPR in Jacksonville tomorrow night, May 27th! Until then, virtual love in the form of streams is always appreciated.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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