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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Those Days Are Over" - WILSN

Self-doubting is a vicious cycle. Whenever I find myself plagued with it, it debilitates how I operate and conduct myself. That self-doubt feeds my procrastination. So, I tell myself the common procrastinator white lie to muster up a little stamina to get through the task; I work better under pressure. I don’t – most people don’t. But I think I found something to help break my cycle and yours, too. WILSN’s “Those Days Are Over” gives listeners the second wind their confidence needs to take on habitual and new obstacles.

“Those Days Are Over” is a soulful jazz-pop single about trusting in yourself despite what uncertainty may lay ahead. The song opens with WILSN vocalizing alongside a melancholic piano melody. It sets listeners up for the first verse where the artist describes the self-doubt they find themselves “drowning” in. This self-doubt has become a detrimental source of stagnation – they’re unable to move or grow past the expectations that have been placed on them. As the song shifts to the pre-chorus, there’s a noticeable change in both the tune and tone. The piano melody begins to rise, mimicking the sensation of one picking themselves up. Meanwhile WILSN expresses their exhaustion with being weighed down by self-doubt. But their fervor “to uncover the real me” has given them a renewed strength. With the unveiling of the chorus, the piano melody begins to reflect the energy and zeal WILSN has to believe in herself. The lyrics within the chorus are a vow to make a commitment to yourself regardless of the adversities that may lie ahead. The following verse emphasizes this commitment; promising that the words of others won’t shake their confidence because she’ll “rise up” above it. While we’re bound to struggle with this commitment at times, WILSN reminds listeners in the bridge that fighting for a better relationship with yourself is never over until “the battle’s won”.

Soul singer WILSN was born and raised in Australia. The artist was always enamored by classic soul and jazz singers. She even decided to move to Melbourne after high school to study jazz at the Victorian College of the Arts. There she would learn to write music that honored the voices of soul before her while instilling a distinctive character to reflect her attitude and style. After this, WILSN found herself stateside in Nashville to sharpen her skill with noteworthy songwriters. Two years later she was asked to perform on The Teskey Brothers 2019 U.K./Europe tour. When 2020 rolled around, the artist moved back to Melbourne and began recording music with Stephen Charles. Now, WILSN’s debut album Those Days Are Over will be released next Friday, February 3rd. While you patiently wait, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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