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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Three Four Five" - Isa Mari

Isa Mari has just released her second single “Three Four Five”. This track is all about accidentally catching feelings for that certain somebody you have a casual relationship with, placing labels upon something that hasn’t even fully bloomed just yet. This ever-prominent “situationship” is defined by a back-and-forth, push-and-pull between two people, tinged with uncertainty and passion without a name. “Three Four Five” highlights the snowballing effect that situationships can have, when one time turns into two, and then three, four, five, and so on and so on. With beautiful vocals combined with soft instrumentals, this track manages to merge tentative romance and relationship-related ambivalence into one catchy song.

I think what I loved most about “Three Four Five” is the seamless way the songwriting flows from chorus into verse– there’s a really smooth transition for each part of the song that becomes entwined with the song’s soundscape, just barely perceptible over Mari’s amazing vocals. The instrumentals lend themselves superbly to these transitional sections, as the synth grows gently while Mari sings “I thought that it’d be one time with you” each time the chorus comes around. Emphasizing that soft and sensual mood, the instrumentals underpin the wandering, pondering motion of the song’s lyrics; we’re brought along for the ride in this situationship, and while those tend to be imbued with countless ups and downs, we also get the exciting undertones of said situationship. “Three Four Five” really brings out the aspect of “catching feelings” in a situationship by focusing its vibe on that sensual pop tone, and I think that by paralleling that against its songwriting, tentative and unknowing, we get a lovely representation of what it feels like to be stuck in that situationship loop of yes-no-I-don’t-know.

Miami-born singer-songwriter Isa Mari got her start while attending Berklee College of Music. While in Boston, she gained some unique opportunities, such as performing with music industry veteran Gabrielle Goodman and perfecting her songwriting with GRAMMY and Emmy award-winning songwriter and producer David “Swagg R’Celious” Harris. She’s also been a finalist in the Atlantic Records’ Emerge competition and has since then moved to Los Angeles, where she’s been mentored by twelve time nominated GRAMMY vocalist Ledisi. Mari’s debut single “Forget Me” dropped in 2023, and was included on TREBEL’s Today’s Hits R&B playlist. “Three Four Five” is her second single– if you enjoyed her evocative storytelling and beautiful vocals, follow Mari to keep track of what’s coming next for her!

Written By Alexa Leung



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