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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Till We're Fallin'" - Carmelsoul

"Till We're Fallin'" illustrates a carefree, dance-infused vibe akin to previous singles released by Carmelsoul. Alluring vocals and a catchy melody elevate the song's rhythmic beat. Lyrics of longing and intimacy compliment the dark, cryptic mood of the instrumentals. Impressive shifts in tempo carry the song through emotional flows, making the single an effortless club hit.

Self written and produced, Carmelsoul's latest single layered celestial vocals over an electronic percussive bassline, consistent with the house DJ's previous releases. A mysterious intro bears lyrics of remembrance against a slow building beat before the song dives into its first bass drop. The increase in tempo and varying drum flows embody a dance club semblance, encouraging listeners to lean into the rhythm. The song possesses qualities of 2010's EDM paired with the advanced sounds of today's house music.

Originating from Denmark and Sweden, house music duo Bertil Limassoul and DJ Carmelo make up musical act Carmelsoul. The electronic music enthusiasts met while studying in the UK and found common ground over their shared passion towards music. Carmelsoul's catalog is young with 10 singles to date, but each is full of upbeat, joyful sounds made for a good mood.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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