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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: " Titles " - Ben Boden & Amii Dawes

Colliding in absolutely stellar fashion to deliver a ballad as beautiful as ‘Titles,’ rising artists Ben Boden and Amii Dawes burn bright on this soon-to-be Summer number; showcasing the duo’s talents for symmetry and symphony, ‘Titles’ acts as a musical ‘bottle episode,’ facilitating intimacy over intricacy. While each artist tends to mirror the other's function and feel throughout the tune, their convergence raises the ceiling, making space for all sorts of nuanced production, narrative orchestration, and beyond. Throwing an exciting new edge on a familiar formula, ‘Titles’ is sure to bring the heat… or some late Spring rain… but nevertheless!

Amii Dawes opens the tune, a soliloquy that introduces gentle textures and grounding drums–an effective mix of Lady A, Imagine Dragons, and Owl City! I would offer that the feel of this song is ‘acoustic,’ but the presence of modern production, overdubs–lends a more polished, involved feel… a stunning delivery, really! At 00:50, Ben Boden enters with authority and anguish, tracing watercolor harmonies across the track; from here on out, his tenor is an anchor, bringing contour and depth to an already sturdy foundation! Harmonies and vocal runs--take those at 2:05--illustrate just how in synch these two musicians are, gliding between piano, guitar, and soulful radiance. Sonically, the layers descend upon the listener, like an somber snowfall... or a light rain… beautiful!

Bringing together the very best of musical theater, contemporary pop, and North America’s long-celebrated folk tradition, Ben Boden and Amii Dawes emerge victorious on ‘Titles!’ The two Midlanders, hailing from central England, draw on decades of combined experience to explore the themes at hand; inspired by identity, justice, the sound and soul of art–these young guns stand tall on a powerful, persuasive piece of music. Raised on artists like Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Harry Styles… energy and ‘exceptional’ will undoubtedly mark these musicians going forward!

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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