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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Together" - Call Me Dio

Sometimes silence can be sufficating. On this track, Call Me Dio, writes about loneliness and forgiveness. In the single, he details how being alone is challenging and how he does not care who is in the wrong at this point; he just wants to move on because the isolation feels terrible. The artist sings about how through all the solitude, all he needs is his partner's love and for them to be together. These vulnerable lyrics are complemented by the slow and angsty instrumental. The song has a stunning guitar riff throughout the single that matches the beautifully melancholic writing. Overall, this song needs to be on your next playlist.

The single begins with a stunning guitar riff and is soon joined by Call Me Dio’s ear-pleasing, low and raspy vocals. As he sings about his struggles with loneliness, a piano joins the grand instrumental. A highlight of the track would be the pre-chorus as the artist sings the lyrics, “It doesn’t have to be so lonely/ With just a little love/ With just a little love”. He starts the pre-chorus with a low tone but ends it in a breathtaking falsetto that shows off the singers wide vocal range. As the chorus begins, the piano becomes the star as the vocals and instrumental blend. After the second chorus, the singer shares a message in Portuguese, describing his raw emotions and how he wants them both to move past their mistakes. Ultimately, this song is an emotional banger that you will have playing on repeating and have stuck in your head.

Call Me Dio is a Brazilian singer/songwriter and producer that is based in London, United Kingdom. This artist's unique sound is a blend of folk lyricism and alternative indie production, similar to Matt Mason and Foster the People. The singer released his first song in February 2022 titled, “Be W/U”, which has the emotional lyrics and gorgeous instrumental that Call Me Dio is known for. Since his debut, the songwriter has released three singles and has gained over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. After moving from city to city for most of his adolescence, the producer is inspired to write music to help others through tough times.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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