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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Too Close" - Sydney Gordon

The facade of aloofness is often used as a means of protection: a camouflage to conceal the part of oneself craving intimacy. On her latest single, "Too Close," Sydney Gordon presents her sharpest barbs towards anyone seeking a deeper connection, before interrogating these habits for their vulnerable core. Over trap-pop production, her powerful voice contains both a confident surface and a wounded center. The result is a danceable message to her potential partners that serves as both a warning and an SOS.

The song's sharpest edges are put up in the first verse, presenting her distant facade. "I only like to play / so stop before you think it's something more," she warns through a jaded veneer. But as the chorus rolls in, her internal dialogue flips these biting commands into protective measures. "I gotta say / there's a part of my body that wants you to share this space." If previously, her partner was wondering if she even cared, now they're wondering what is holding her back. But we aren't close enough to be granted this knowledge. As the song fades out, Sydney Gordon is left as more of a mystery than when it began—but that's what makes the track so uniquely honest. When we protect ourselves from getting hurt, we hide our truth.

Sydney Gordon is a native, New York singer/songwriter. She began singing at the age of 7, starting professional coaching at 12 years old—resulting in her impressive vocals. "Too Close" comes as the third single teasing towards her debut album set to release later this summer. Gordon plans on releasing two more singles before then. In addition, she has founded her own record label, Static Impulse Records, Inc., to release her music independently.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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