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  • George McSherry

Review: "Too Little Too Late" - The Lucky

The angst you had in 2014 is calling. It has matured and it wants to be back in your life and it will be pretty hard to say no after you hear this track from The Lucky "Too Little Too Late". The song empowers and reassures the decision to put yourself first before bending over backward to make people happy that don't really want you in their lives. Designed for you to exercise some demons, have a listen, learn the lyrics, and let it all out.

Muted bass and understated vocals drop the needle on the track that starts off with a fresh, staccato bounce pinned against angsty, self-deprecating lyricism. The punchy, pop-punk vibe is cemented by the slight crescendo into the crash of drums, power chords, and fervor-filled, emotional vocals that all roll in with the chorus. The band flexes its musical range as they ebb and flow between the smoothness of the soft verses and the violence of the chorus. Layered vocals and fine-tuned production provide the track with the tangible richness of a summer anthem that is sure to provide some catharsis or at least an opportunity to headbang a little.

Consisting of members Tucker Click (vocals), Josh Nardine (percussion), and Maison Thomas Eudy (guitar), The Lucky is a Los Angeles-based trio that has followed up its debut single ("Reckless") with this catchy number that shores up its brand of pop-punk while demonstrating some serious range. If you long for the days when Paramore & co had a stranglehold on the charts, give The Lucky a chance to become one of your new staples.

Written By George McSherry



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