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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Twisted" - Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson twists perspective and storytelling in her new edgy single “Twisted”.  The song is a dark romance, sung from the point of view of someone deeply encapsulated by a toxic relationship.  There’s a sense of self awareness throughout the lyrics, claiming she “knows (her friends) are right” about the terrible state of the relationship, but this realization only makes the relationship more attractive.  This sense of danger and the idea of star crossed lovers that comes from it is seductive, as is the song.  Her description of it draws in the listener and creates a craving for something similar, despite the dynamic not being complimented once.  She never says a single positive thing about the person she’s enthralled with or their interactions- and yet it seems so desirable.  It is this stark changing of mindsets and the effortless way Laura Davidson does it that makes her writing so compelling, her talent is magnetic and “Twisted” is a prime example of it. 

The song begins with a fast paced electric beat, Laura’s voice matching its exact tone and speed as she chimes in.  The way she delivers her lyrics follows a similar organized timing to this, emphasizing the repetitiveness of this cycle.  The music matches the overarching themes of the piece, sounding like a chaotic night out.  Laura Davidson’s voice itself is captivating, with her usually singing slowly but powerfully.  When she breaks this, admitting “I can’t get enough”, the music brightens and picks up into an Arctic Monkeys-esque chorus, heavy on bass and moody but as catchy as any other pop anthem.  The song comes to a close with her repeating her intent to stay in the relationship, layers of her own voice whispering such.

Laura Davidson is fairly new to professionally creating music, having only begun releasing songs this past year.  But even in such a short amount of time she’s already cemented her genre and aesthetic and begun acquiring fans that love it.  She most frequently focuses on romance, telling personal stories like the one found in “Twisted”, and developing the deep emotions felt within them to a communicable medium.  Her audience has noticed the skill she has here and her popularity is continuously growing because of it. She holds more than 50k followers on Tiktok and thousands on other platforms and has had her songs added to highly streamed public playlists on Spotify where, of course, her following is also continually increasing.  Follow these accounts and stream “Twisted” below.  

Written By Hailey Schap



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