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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Ugly Tears" - Emme

When we first meet someone, we want them to like us and do everything we can to make a good first impression. Of course, they will like you when you put on your best smile and tell your funniest jokes. As the relationship progresses and trust is established, this resolve will start to fade. You may confide in them or feel comfortable showing deeper emotions. You may fear that this change will scare them away. Your true friends will stick around through hard times and be your shoulder to cry on. In her powerful bop ballad, “Ugly Tears,” Emme is very vulnerable with listeners and reflects on the fear of not being accepted by the people she loves.

The instrumentation of “Ugly Tears,” is very slow and somber as Emme unpacks heavy emotions. The calm electric guitar in the verses is a great backdrop to powerful lyrics such as “I ain’t a prize, no, I’m a package.” The end of the first verse ends with the question, “are you prepared for everything that I dish out?” This is a great lead up to the chorus where Emme is very forthcoming about her flaws. The chorus ends with the words, “I can’t be perfect all the time.” This is also where the music becomes more intense as drums come in behind the electric guitar. Another aspect of the song that I liked was the ending. It was unique because it is the only time where the full title is said. Emme sings “I hope you know there’s no else I trust to help dry these ugly tears tonight.” When deciding who your real friends are, remember this: If they won’t comfort you during your failure, they don’t deserve to celebrate your success.”

Emily Dakin (AKA Emme) is a singer/songwriter and producer from Edmonton, Canada. “Ugly Tears” is her first release of 2023. If you want to hear more of her, check out her 2022 debut album, Avalanche. Similar to “Ugly Tears,” this group of songs is very emotional. Emme uses music to tell listeners stories in her life, both good and bad. For instance, the album’s title track is about finding yourself in the midst of hard times. Going along with the same theme, “Whiteout,” is another song on the album that tells of removing toxic people from your life. I really enjoyed listening to Emme’s music and I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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