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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Undercover" - Gold Steps

Sometimes it’s best to just be frank with someone you like. Gold Steps takes the direct approach in their latest single “Undercover” by being the one to make the first move in this bright pop song. It’s always a little hard to make that initial step, but “Undercover” is all about reading the signs to reap the benefits. Feel the connection, dive deep, and be honest with yourself and whoever the object of your affections is; Gold Steps knows exactly how you feel when you stand on their doorstep confessing your feelings– and they know the rush of being swept off your feet when you’re pulled inside and under their covers.

“Undercover” is the kind of song you’d want playing on a hot summer’s day at a beach: it's loud, it's bright, and it's bouncy. The instrumentals are passionate and animated, supported by a strong underlying percussion that changes depending on the verse or chorus. With each verse it tones down, slows, as if taking in the moment, but always ramps back up as lead singer Liz Mauritz sings, “Get undercover with you” in the chorus. It’s such a fun dynamic that creates a very clear divide between the chorus and verse, pulling the rug from beneath the listener as the song gradually builds and builds until, suddenly, the chorus is blaring. Like the instrumentals, the lyrics of “Undercover” are high-powered and focused on one little thing: getting under the covers. It’s a sweet love note to enjoying the buildup from meeting a person, to going to their house, to finally reaching the bedroom. The songwriting is soft yet anticipatory– “Undercover” masterfully recreates the fun, sparking tension between two people.

Gold Steps is an American alternative, rock, and pop band composed of Liz Mauritz on vocals, Zach Duarte and Alex Maranto on guitar, Ryan Rivas on bass, and Mike Britz on drums. Together, they’ve created and continue to create music that is punchy, high-octane, and laden with alternative and rock influences in their pop-forward style. Their fan-favorite single “Stay the Same” has over 320,000 plays on Spotify, which was part of their 2022 album “That Ain’t It.” Additionally, they’ve toured extensively, and have recently supported SayWeCanFly and Johnnie Guilbert in October 2022 while on a full US Tour. They’ve opened for artists such as Charlotte Sands and Stand Atlantic, as well as having performed at Summerfest, the Vans Warped Tour, and SXSW. Full of strong and honest lyrics, Gold Steps is the best that pop-rock has to offer; “Undercover” is no exception, and is a nice departure from their usual assertive style– being a softer version of Gold Steps, but no less exciting and catchy.

Written By Alexa Leung



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