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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Undercover Lover" - EASHA

EASHA’s “Undercover Lover” is her latest release and perfectly captures the tone of youthful love. Hideaways and secret rendezvous, fervent and desperate love, EASHA weaves vivid imagery with lyrics redolent of environments that you can smell, taste, and feel. It’s a total outpouring of romance– the song only grows, grows, and grows in intensity as its track runs on, eventually culminating in a wavering bridge that flutters back into its original rhythm. Like such secret loves, “Undercover Lover” oscillates and shivers with giddy excitement, and is oh-so dreamy. Its soundscape is exactly what you'd expect while deep in love, playing in the back of your head while you run off to meet your other half.

“Undercover Lover” is all young love and that burning desire to be only with that one person. The song begins with elegant, soft strings and rhythmic percussion; you’ll be instantly transported into EASHA’s soundscape as it threads itself throughout the entire track. The song is generally feather-light until around the 2:11 mark, where it begins to ramp up with passion– the lyrics match this increase, too, as EASHA sings, “violent, young, and desperate/meet me at our spot”. Here, love turns to desperation– it is no longer a want, but a need. Yet, as the bridge dwindles down, the softness returns, and those pretty strings are strummed once more. EASHA has truly outdone herself with the songwriting in “Undercover Lover”; the line “underneath my skin and across the courtyard/your boys they don’t know but I know what they don’t yeah” is truly the epitome of being in a rendezvous-ridden relationship. Such evocative writing conjures up scenes of watching your lover from afar, and when you listen to "Undercover Lover", you can see and feel that exact moment.

Twenty-two year-old EASHA, AKA Easha Nandyala, is a singer-songwriter whose music is comprised of dreamy soundscapes and melancholia themes tinged with coming-of-age, love, angst, and growth. Growing up learning Indian Classical Music with her mother, she began writing original songs while on her bedroom floor after a life-altering binge of listening to Norah Jones. Her accolades include the Grand Prize of Lionsgate's National Cover Competition, a finalist place at the World Cafe Live Yearly Showcase in Philadelphia, and a position as a staff writer at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville where she writes alongside songwriter Liz Rose, a Grammy-winning writer. “I Can’t Breathe” was her 2020 debut single, and “Fact of the Fiction” was her 2021 debut EP. "Electric Blue" is EASHA's next upcoming release, but while you're waiting for that, stream her latest single "Undercover Lover"!

Written By Alexa Leung



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