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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "Unlearn How to Love You" - Paige Corwin

The track “Unlearn How to Love You” by Paige Corwin delves into the intricate emotions that come with moving on after a breakup, emphasizing that the process isn't about erasing the past. After experiencing heartbreak, we must accept the positive aspects of the relationship and appreciate them for what they were, while allowing ourselves to feel the pain that the end of it has caused. Corwin reminds us that the healing process may take a while, especially when you have loved deeply. The track invites listeners to step into a room filled with the remnants of a once-intimate connection, where the echoes of that bond still linger in the atmosphere, and to then grieve alongside her.

This song immerses the audience in a tapestry of soft melodic ambiance, with guitar plucking providing the backdrop for her vocals, and a gentle beat adding energy to the track. Corwin skillfully blends the storytelling essence of a heartfelt ballad with a prominent, guitar-driven, uptempo pop arrangement. Corwin's artistic exploration takes a gentler, more introspective turn in this record, gradually leading the way toward a lively and spirited pop production that leaves a lasting impression. The lyrics are vulnerable and confessional, with lines like, “Cause you're out moving on / And I'm still stuck right where you left me,” which she finds embarrassing to admit, since her ex seems to have moved on so easily. Metaphors such as “Heartstrings in my chest / Tied up since you left” evoke a visceral reaction in the listener, effectively conveying the pain she is experiencing while trying to move on. She realizes that it will take time, but she is trying her best and staying hopeful despite the heartache she is enduring. In doing so, she helps others feel less alone in their process of grief and healing after a breakup.

A native of Rhode Island who found a new home in New York, Paige offers a unique window into her life through raw, unfiltered emotions set against a backdrop of contemporary, vibrant soundscapes. Her music is a fusion of her silky, champagne-like vocals with personal narratives, accompanied by a foundation of rhythmic kick drums and poignant melodies. She draws inspiration from a diverse array of genres, including R&B, funk, hip-hop, and more, skillfully weaving them together to present a polished, pop-infused package. Paige's talent has not gone unnoticed, earning recognition from various global publications, such as Euphoria, Rolling Stone India, and Earmilk, among others. She has also achieved the distinction of selling out renowned venues in New York City, including The Cutting Room, Pianos, and The Bowery Electric, a testament to her growing success in the music scene.

Written By Rachael Bach



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